Enjoying the Spring

Enjoying the Spring
Location : Unknown
Tripod : Mini Tripod
Filter : Kenko CPL
Cropped : No
Image quality : JPEG Large – Fine

On my way back home from the beach. The bridge was closed and while waiting for the bridge to open again I noticed the orange yellow tourist boat from the car window.
It looks like ready to go, because I can hear the engine sound from where I stand. It was kinda hard to get the clear shot because the wind was strong, especially on this season in Japan. Tripod did help a bit but it wasn’t enough so I used the multiple shots option again.

Again, I used the Vivid setting on my camera, I’m hooked!

2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Spring

  1. Brilliant colors. I love to see boats on the water. When I was a teenager my Dad bought a ski boat and I loved to ski, but that was long ago. All things pass. Nice image.

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