The Colour of Spring

The Colour of Spring
Photo Date : April 20th 2008 – 2:56: 31 PM
Location : Otoyo Park Kochi Japan
Tripod : Mini Tripod
Filter : Kenko CPL
Image quality : JPEG Large-Fine
Cropped : No

I forgot to bring my old Epson Photo storage and 2GB spare compact flash that day. I would’ve shoot this in RAW instead of JPEG. I didn’t have enough space left on my 4GB CP. This camera’s RAW file really take so much space. Ah well at least it’s best quality of JPEG Large.

I realize I complain a lot. lol

4 thoughts on “The Colour of Spring

  1. Hey, if we don't complain, we most likely keep making the same mistakes over again:-) I so admire this terraced garden and the difficult work put into it by the gardener. I love gardens and used to have a large one. Thank goodness it was all on one level. The gardener is dressed in colors as cheerful as the flowers. Nice capture.

  2. a nice place to work, I think 🙂

    colors of spring, feels so good 😉

    BTW, CF-cards are cheap (at least in Germany 🙂 ), go and buy some 😀

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