Waiting for the sundown

Waiting for the sundown
Photo Date : May 5th 2008 – 6:30 PM
Location : Kochi City
Tripod : Mini Tripod
Filter : Kenko CPL
Crop: No
Image quality : RAW
RAW Converter : Aperture 2.1

I didn’t plan to shoot sundown photograph that day because I didn’t bring my regular tripod but after walking for several minutes to the other side of the bridge, I saw the sun comes down slowly. Although, it wasn’t really beautiful like winter sun down but it was a nice feeling watching it from the bridge.

The soft small waves on river looks really nice that moment.

8 thoughts on “Waiting for the sundown

  1. Perfect shoot! I like the way you express the sunset with a smooth orange colour but I'd prefer the buildings being a little bit lighter. Anyway, the final result is ammusing!!!

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