Photo Date : May 11th 2008 – 4:53 PM
Location : Kochi Marine beach
Tripod : Mini Tripod
Filter : CPL
Crop: No
Image quality : RAW
RAW Converter : Aperture 2.1

This is my very 1st shot Sport theme ever. I was feeling bored and decided to go drive to the place I’ve never visit before and found bunch fellow of the Surfer at the beach. The beach is not really a nice beach, because there wasn’t really a sand like the usual beach but instead the beach covered with zillion of big stones.

It was really fun that afternoon but the wind is so strong and bit chilly . I caught a cold later that night.

Anyhoo, I’m lemming new glass for sure.

Kind of out of topic here. I found myself digging around my server and surprised to see my old photoblog still exist lol. I think I remember the server crashed once before and I have forgotten about the blog.

Looking at my old newbie photos put me to shame, I felt embarrassed haha. I guess I didn’t read any Photography books before.

Now, I remember why I stopped Photoblogging. It was after my grandma in-law passed away, I lost interest and got so busy with going abroad school application.

Well, you live and learn something everyday. Time passes by and I’m going to keep practicing and educating myself more about Photography as I’m willing to spend more time in the field rather than sitting in front of my computer now.

So practice make things better for sure, period.

5 thoughts on “Practicing

  1. I certainly can't tell it's your first sport shot or that the each isn't very nice. I love the breach and spray of the wave and the color of the water is beautiful. I like it!

  2. Absolutely great for your first try! And Chris is right, the foreground isn't that interesting, perhaps somehow cropping it to panoramic format?

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