Blue eyes cat

Blue eyes cat
Photo Date : May 17th 2008 – 4:30 PM
Location : Kochi Marina Port
Tripod : Mini Tripod
Filter : CPL
Crop: No
Image quality : RAW
RAW Converter : Aperture 2.1

Someone dumped this poor thing at the Port and there were 10 ( I counted them) homeless cats around this area and she is one of them. This homeless cat is 10 years old according the old lady who’ve been feeding the homeless cats around here for years.

I caught her laying there still, looking at the ocean. She doesn’t seem to be afraid of me so I was lucky enough to get a couple shots of this beautiful creature before she got scared and ran off when she saw my niece running towards me.

Anyway, back to the photography, I slightly adjusted the vibrancy and colour of the eyes so her naturaly blue eyes pop up.

8 thoughts on “Blue eyes cat

  1. wow what blue eyes, good dof.

    thanks for your honest comment. I will also try to implement the exif values anywhere under the picture.

  2. Awh, such a beautiful Siamese. People are incredibly cruel. I'm glad to hear the one woman is looking after them as much as possible. Wonderful capture.

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