The Swirl

The Swirl
I shoot anything that looks interesting. This one is taken in one late afternoon, almost dark. I was waiting for Takoyaki.
Takoyaki is one of my favorite Japanese food.

Photo Date : April 5th 2008 – 3:24: 05 PM
Location : Tosayamada City
Tripod : No
Filter : Polarizer Filter
Cropped : No
Image quality : RAW
RAW Converter : Aperture 2.1

Warm Spring

Warm Spring
I don’t know what is the name of this flower, it wasn’t exactly a flower though. I mean, it was the flower from a big tree. Blooming right the same week as Sakura/Cherry Blossom.
Thanks to multiple shots option because I didn’t use tripod on this one. I usually use tripod in most of my flower shots but not this one. It was another quick look from driving back home from the mountain and I saw the trees with the blooming white flowers. It was beautiful and smells good too!

White balance slightly adjusted in Aperture to add the warm spring afternoon mood. It may looks a bit like monochrome but it wasn’t.